Gary  { ZIGGY}

Ziggy has performed with many of the groups from the area and has spent several hours in recording studios. He has produced and written several songs for performing artists. Many of The Originals tracks are recorded in Ziggy and Steve's home studio. 

Gary has played R&B, Rock, Dance and Oldies for years and has recorded with groups such as: Copperfield, Clockwork, Jimmy and the Soul Blazers. He has had several single records and one album released with these groups. Gary is now performing with The Originals and doing all types of songs from the past: Oldies, Top 40, Dance and Show Songs. In recent months, Gary has added a toe-tapping, beat-driving percussion to the group using timbales and congas. We have added several Latin songs including songs from Malo and Santana.


Gary loves performing with The Originals and will continue to enjoy playing and performing with his friends, Steve and Vicky.

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Songs..1. I Wanna Be Rich; 2. FireBall; 3. Diggin On James Brown; 4. Let It Whip----1.Remember Then; 2. Morse Code Of Love; 3. Sixty Minute Man --- 1. Till Your Boots Are Dirty; 2. Stompin Ground; 3. Outside Lookin In

Ziggy getting his singing and percussion groove on.

Ziggy getting his singing and percussion groove on.

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