Larry Alltop

Larry Alltop and Mickey Esposito, known as Mickey, Larry & the Exciters had the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe,New York's World Fair, Reno,Nevada, Hawaii,Boston,Puerto Rico, and shows throughout Spain,Aruba and The Bahamas. The group worked with performers such as Liza Minnelli,Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, ,Wayne Newton,Dezi Arnez jr, Sammy Davis jr and many more. Larry and the Exciters were picked as ''The Show Group of the Year'' by the Chicago Sun Times,and one of the top lounge show acts of the year in Las Vegas. When Mickey retired,Larry continued performing in many of the same& night spots, and is now performing with The Originals.

Since Larry has become a full time member of The Originals he adds a different dimension to The Originals shows and performance. Larry has a great lead voice and is  an energetic addition to group . Larry Alltop came from a very good show band and is an excellent entertainer. You will enjoy his talent and vocal performance.

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