In 2016, The Originals launched something familiar with our own twist  Still not sure what we are talking about, here’s a hint, it’s between 110-140 beats per minute with a hypnotic driving feel that makes you want to dance or at least stomp your feet to the beat….it is disco !
The Originals have a 35 minute disco medley, complete with costumes and non-stop dance-driven songs featuring artists like The BeeGees, Kool and The Gang, The Trammps, Donna Summer, Rick James, Sister Sledge and many more. 
Watch for our “Disco Fever” medley in select performances and get your “back up off the wall....Dance !! ”

The Originals at the Sebring Mansion...Gettin Our Groove On !

 Ziggy is on Disco Fire !! At the California Palms !